25 Dec

How Online Training Can Help Corporations Stay Ahead fo the Curve

The recent series of regional economic slow down has brought forward some harsh realities to our Corporate World. Being situated in the Gulf region, both the public and private sector have experienced a notable slow down in Government and Corporate expenditure.

Needless to say, Training and Development like other core functions has been hit hard due the harsh economic climate. According to PWC’s report on Reshaping the Workplace, it concluded that 22% of employees find Corporate Training and Development to be their first priority in terms of value when working with an organization.


With today’s easy access of the masses to technology and connectivity, we, like other organizations have enabled organizations to continue their Training & Development initiatives through shifting the focus online. Here are a few points why:

  • Online Training Industry is an ever growing market. According to UK Higher Education Authority is a whooping $112 Billion industry with tools and innovations emerging rapidly.
  • eLearning and Online Training Tools dramatically reduces your training, transportation costs.
  • Corporations as well as Government entities can adopt online training tools and monitor the results of their own, on their own.
  • Organizations can now utilize these tools to bring “Change From Within” by transforming attitudes, enhancing employee skills and keeping their staff well informed and motivated  all year long.

In short, the dynamics of the Corporate Training & Development are evolving and Online Training is no longer a thing of the Future, but rather they are tools that organizations could make use of Today to stay ahead of the competition and be in par with best practices.

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